Wilmington Granite and Natural Stone for New Homes

When building your dream home, don’t settle for anything less than beautiful granite quartz or marble accents from Wilmington Granite. Natural stone surfaces are highly regarded as a luxury and a gorgeous, resilient addition to any home. Wilmington Granite works alongside the builders or designers, and general contractors to transform their kitchen, bank or other area.

The intersection of versatility and design.

Natural stone surfaces can be used anywhere in the house. From walls to countertops, we apply both tried-and-true and creative uses for granite in the kitchen and bathroom, around the fireplace, or on top of the wet bar. Versatility doesn’t always look this good. Each slab of stone is unique, with variations of color, flecking, and mineral composition – ranging from white to black or pink to blue and nearly every color in between. When you’re designing a new home, we invite you to contact our experts for a set appointment to choose from our wide selection of natural stone.

Skilled craftsmen, superior installation.

Our team of experienced experts knows the ins-and-outs of working with natural stone. From the fine details of fabrication to the skill required for seamless installation, Wilmington Granite practices the utmost care with your selected material. Our technique and technology ensure total precision on every facet, while our craftsmen’s leaves you with your desired look. At Wilmington Granite we are known for our seam work.

Efficient Project Management from Start to Finish.

We make the process easy. From bids to material selection to installation, Wilmington Granite is a partner in success to contractors and homebuilders. We offer free onsite consultations and thrive on building relationships with other residential construction and design companies in the Wilmington area. Work with Wilmington Granite on multiple property projects or call us for beautiful custom pieces.

Our process for counter top installation is straightforward, yet skilled. When you’re looking for an expert craftsman for your next new home project, call Wilmington Granite for a free bid and consultation.